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Hey there!

I’m Nat. I am young chappie who has spent a huge chunk of my life drifting from place to place, group to group and hobby to hobby. While I started out wanting to be a BONAFIDE ‘Renaissance Man’, I started to realise that I was more turning out to be a Master of None. Someone who has tried his hand at fair few things in life, some normal and some weird and wonderful, and I also realised that I loved being this. I have no specific ambition to really strive and become the best at something. Instead, I am very content with being ok/somewhat good at as many possible things in this world. Of course, the world is a pretty large area so to do that involves a good deal travel and discovering new places, ideas and lifestyles.

So for the last couple of years, I have been trotting around the globe and picking up as many things and meeting as many people as I possibly could. I’ve lived in 6 countries, been to over 50 as well, all 7 continents and both the Antarctic and Artic circles. I’ve surfed with Australian groms, danced in assless chaps with funky Berliners in Kit Kat (look it up, I dare you to go) and the list goes on. This is mostly to say I’ve crammed a fair bit in and I’m not stopping soon. So I decided to start this blog and share everyone in the process as I go onto discover new things and learn new skills.

Expect a bit of randomness from this space, (for now) it’s just little ol me writing, and to fill out the pages some of the earlier stuff will be from my recent experiences instead of what I am currently doing. Once the page is away and chugging along, I am hoping to keep the progress of my various projects updated onto this site in near real-time.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, expect a genuine account of my experiences and realistic tips/advice to improve in whatever I am doing. The name Rookie Status was chosen specifically for this reason. I am going into things and places with no experience and developing myself to the level of what a ‘rookie’ ought to be. I would say a rookie treads the line of being pretty decent but still has some tricks to learn, and that is exactly the level I am chasing in these projects and trips. They’ll be pretty random, who knows what we can get up to. Eating the world’s hottest chili, learning to fly a plane, exploring Timbuktu. There are no limits to these ideas, so I hope you  enjoy the content, maybe learn something or even better just getting inspired to go give something a red hot go.

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